When research, innovation and technology meet creativity and the ability to meet market needs, successful companies are born, like Elav® .
Since 1981, Elav® has been designing, manufacturing and reconditioning industrial automation systems, particularly for the production of plastic films and cables. Over the years, the Company has acquired an advanced technological expertise, which is now the hallmark of the Elav® brand on markets all over the world.
More than 3500 systems manufactured and installed globally bear witness to Elav® ’s success and its ability to effectively meet the real needs of each individual customer.
When manufacturing a new system (or revamping an existing one), Elav® considers automated lines as an engineering measuring instrument, capable of manufacturing a product simply from the setting of its dimensional data, and of monitoring its quality along the entire production cycle.
This is why at the heart of Elav® ‘s activity lie not only the development and manufacturing of production processes and function management systems, but also the qualitative, quantitative, and statistic monitoring of the final product.
Thanks to this approach, projects are entirely developed in-house: from an in-depth analysis of the production line and the drafting of specifications, to the development and issuing of electrical drawings and the PLC & HMI software, all the way to the installation and wiring of electrical panels, the performance of the Factory Acceptance Test, and the start-up and commissioning at the Customer's premises.
The search for increasingly innovative and flexible solutions, the development of customised projects, the accuracy in training the Customer's staff, and an efficient after-sales assistance at a worldwide level are a guarantee of Elav® ’s world-class quality.
The research carried out by Elav® ‘s personnel has led to state-of-the-art products, such as the innovative LIVE CONTROL software, conceived to monitor, save, and analyse all production data in order to allow for complete product traceability, thereby increasing quality and optimising all production processes, and consequently maximising line profitability.
Since 2007 Elav® has been part of the Colines Holding® Group, and has thus had available the strength and reliability of a group that is a leader in Italy in the plastic film sector, while also maintaining and extending its business to other production sectors, and thus gaining an increasingly wide and diversified experience and expertise.