When research, innovation and technology meet creativity and the ability to meet market needs, successful companies are born, like Elav®.
Since 1981, Elav® has been designing, manufacturing and reconditioning industrial automation systems, particularly for the production of plastic films and cables. Over the years, the Company has acquired an advanced technological expertise, which is now the hallmark of the Elav® brand on markets all over the world. More than 3500 systems manufactured and installed globally bear witness to Elav®’s success and its ability to effectively meet the real needs of each individual customer.

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We have been looking ahead for thirty years. A constant drive for innovation is one of Elav® ‘s main strengths. With an eye to evolving constantly and thanks to the expertise gained by manufacturing and installing thousands of systems all over the world, Elav® can offer solutions tailored to your needs, either by designing a brand-new production line or by reconditioning and upgrading existing, obsolete equipment.

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More than 3500 plants installations in plastics and wire all over the world.

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